Case Study: High LTV rebridge


Aspen Bridging explains how it was able to provide a rebridge for a client looking to complete works on 4 apartments:

Loan Amount = £150,000             

Property Value = £230,000          

Initial Loan to Value (LTV) = 75%

Additional Drawdown Amount = £30,000


One of our strategic partners, Finance 4 Business, introduced a client which matched our criteria. We discussed the complexity of the deal thoroughly to understand how we can complete the transaction within the short time frame available.

The client was looking to repay an existing bridge, along with additional staged funding to complete the renovation works on an apartment, which had a complex ownership structure.


 In discussions with the client, the following challenges were highlighted to complete the transaction.


  • Rebridge an existing arrangement
  • Complete within 1 week of instruction
  • High LTV
  • Raise additional funding for completion of renovations
  • Complex ownership structure with 3rd party long leases



We discussed the project fully with the lawyers ensuring that the ownership structure could be overcome immediately. On confirmation, the legal and valuation teams were instructed and we met the client and valuer on site.

The valuer identified a building regulatory issue, which could have jeopardised the feasibility of the project. Working with the experienced team at Finance 4 Business, a solution was implemented that met the borrowers’ requirements, ensuring that the refinancing could continue.

In addition to refinancing the existing bridging loan, we implemented a drawdown facility for £30k so the renovations could be completed.


The knowledge and experience of the Finance 4 Business team, identified Aspen as the right lender for this case. Our expertise, speed, efficiency and customer focused process ensured that the transaction completed within the timeframes set.


  • Fully underwritten DIP within 2 hours
  • Legals and valuers instructed on the same day
  • Met client and valuer on site the next day
  • Overcame building regulatory issue so that project could complete
  • Refinanced existing bridging arrangement and set up drawdown facility
  • Completed in 1 week


Jack Coombs, Director, Aspen Bridging said:

“Finance 4 Business understand our criteria and identify which clients’ suit us. They entrusted Aspen to see this complex case through to completion, further demonstrating our excellent relationship.”

Dave Fathers, Director (Sales), Finance 4 Business said:

“We evaluate each case fully to understand where they are best suited. This was a prime case for Aspen. With speed of the essence, we have an excellent strategic relationship with Jack and his team at Aspen and they produced again to complete this deal.”

 Mr Wassall, Client, said:

“I couldn’t recommend Aspen Bridging more highly. Finance 4 Business put me in touch with Aspen and my experience with them also has been very positive and constructive. Aspen worked alongside our development every step of the way. They are very responsive and I look forward to doing more projects with them in the future.”