Business cashflow bottleneck freed with fast bridging loan



The quick work of the Holme Finance Bridging Solutions (HFBS) team meant a business cash flow bottleneck was quickly released for returning client.

The request for a £100,000 bridging loan to ease business cash flow was completed as a first charge on the same property that HFBS secured against over three years ago.

Having the previous valuation to work with and keeping the original broker in the loop, the deal for as straight-forward as it could be, making for a very quick funding decision.

Dan Yendall-Collings of HFBS commented:

“Having already successfully worked in the past with this client we had no hesitation in helping out again with this relatively straight forward funding deal.

Keeping the original broker informed he was extremely happy for us to go ahead. He also received further commission without any additional work at their end.

We received the funding request on Friday and worked quickly to organise the paperwork. We visited the property the following Tuesday and provided funding the next day, on Wednesday.

Completing easily within four working days, it couldn’t have gone better. We were very pleased to once again work with someone who we have a great relationship with.”