Aspen Bridging saves property purchase with ten day bridging loan


aspen bridging loan case study

Aspen Bridging’s new Head of Sales, Ian Miller-Hawes has completed his first deal and in the process saved the applicants’ purchase of four apartments.

The broker approached Ian stating his clients, who were looking to expand their portfolio, had just been served notice and had only 10 days to complete the deal or the seller would relist the flats in Kensington which had a combined value of £1.2m.

The delay was due to a bottleneck caused by the stamp duty holiday deadline, before it was extended, which meant the term product would not complete in time.

Ian instructed a full Red Book RICS Valuation and legals on day one to begin the process immediately.

Problems then arose when one of the three brothers decided to pull out of the deal, however the father then gifted the shortfall and Aspen moved swiftly to re-issue their offer and legal documents within hours of the change.

The lender then used its remote signing policy enabling the client to provide security documents direct to its solicitor to ensure the deal was completed within the vendor’s timeframe.

The £840k, 70% LTV facility was completed on a 12-month term at 0.84% per month.

Ian Miller-Hawes, Head of Sales, Aspen Bridging said:

“Going through the checks and processes first-hand has really brought to life the advanced IT and the progressive infrastructure that is in place for Aspen’s team to bring bridging deals to completion in very prompt timescales.”