Aspen Bridging completes £1.5m development exit loan


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Aspen Bridging has completed a £1.5m, 79% LTV development exit loan which will allow a property developer extra time to complete their latest project after the original lender refused to extend terms.

The newbuild, which comprises of eight apartments in Windsor, Berkshire, was substantially delayed during the Covid pandemic and, despite best efforts, remained behind schedule.

The bridging loan took just 17 days from application to completion and was finalised on Aspen’s flat rate product at an interest rate of 0.84% over a 12-month term. Exit will be through sale of the apartments.

Jack Coombs, Director, Aspen Bridging, said:

“As the economy continues to be ever changing I believe we will see more-and-more situations where incumbent lenders are refusing to extend terms and, through no fault of their own, developers are put in increasingly difficult situations.

The fact remains that bridging is a fantastic short-term option to allow for the completion of projects and then what may be longer than expected sales periods, and we are at the very front of the queue to be the financial solutions provider they need.”