Chase Bank bridging loans

Who is Chase Bank and what do they do?

Chase Bank is an American national bank headquartered in New York City. Chase possesses over 5,100 branches and 17,000 cashpoints nationwide with more than 189,000 working for the company.

Chase has recently entered the UK banking market, launching the mobile app Chase UK for current accounts in September 2021.

Does Chase Bank offer bridging loans?

Chase Bank does not offer bridging loans to its customers; however, their website has its own page dedicated to informing customers on the subject. JPMorgan Chase stress that the article is for educational purposes only.

As bridging loans fall under specialist lending, it can be problematic to achieve one through a large bank like Chase.

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What do Chase Bank’s interest rates look like on bridging finance?

JPMorgan Chase do not offer bridging loan services to its customers.

What do I need to get a bridging loan with Chase Bank?

Bridging loans work differently to other forms of loans as lenders are not typically concerned about a client’s credit history. The customer’s current property is provided as security for the loan and the lender will want to understand your exit plan. As mentioned above, Chase Bank does not currently offer bridging finance to its customers.

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How do I apply, and how easy is the process?

Applying for a bridging loan is often a simple procedure, unfortunately customers cannot use Chase for this service.

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How long does the application process take and when do I get the money?

Applications for bridging finance can vary with each individual. If you have a clear exit strategy and are seeking a loan to bridge the gap between buying a home and selling your current one, the process should be a matter of days.

If your circumstances are more complicated, the process could take a few weeks to complete.

What is the Bridging Loan Directory?

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