Central Bridging

Who is Central Bridging and what do they do?

Central Bridging are a specialist short term lender, founded in 2010 by John Clifford, a veteran in the lending and Bridging Industry.

Central operate in the bespoke lending arena, having historically arrange first, second and third charge loans, loans secured via AN1, where no consent available for a second charge and loans secured against short leases.

With a team founded on a regulatory background, we see every loan enquiry as a fresh sheet of paper and an opportunity to discuss a client’s circumstances, which may include past credit or mortgage issues, with a view to offering a client a loan based on their circumstances, past, present and planned, as opposed to being an LTV based lender.

We lend to UK SPVs and personal borrower clients, as well as overseas nationals.

Do Central Bridging offer bridging loans?

Yes, we are predominantly a first and second charge, non FSMA business lender.

What do Central Bridging’s interest rates look like on bridging finance?

Rates are bespoke to a client’s circumstances and quotation.

What do I need to get a bridging loan with Central Bridging?

Equity is a key consideration, given Central are a short-term bridging lender, as well as a clear synopsis of a client’s needs, in essence a SWOT analysis.

How do I apply and how easy is the process?

Provide a clear synopsis of a client’s needs, in essence a SWOT analysis. This can be done via email to introducer@centralbridging.co.uk or by calling directly on 03332 400 506.

How long does the application process take and when do I get the money?

Applications can be completed in 7-10 working days, even second charges.

Does Central Bridging do any specialist bridging options for things like property, business, etc?

We are a non FSMA business use lender, who will lend for any viable business use.

What are the pros and/or cons of a bridging loan with Central Bridging?

The pros are we offer unparalleled experience in the lending industry, our MD alone, having 25 years of regulatory broking knowledge, before entering the direct lending industry in 2010.

Having been brokers and packagers for a quarter of a century, we know how brokers think and what they want.

The cons, none!

Tel                   +44(0)3332 400 506

Email               enquiry@centralbridging.co.uk

Web                 www.centralbridging.co.uk

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