Paratus AMC welcomes Keystone-Landbay partnership


ParatusParatus AMC, the exclusive loan administration provider to P2P platform Landbay, has welcomed the new partnership between BTL lender Keystone and Landbay, the new funder for Keystone’s relaunched Classic Range of BTL mortgages.

According to Paratus AMC’s Chief Executive Officer Hans Geberbauer, the company is keen to make use of its expertise to provide new solutions to the lending market, having already successfully launched BTL lender Foundation Home Loans this year.

He said, “We are delighted that our client Landbay has been appointed as the new funder for Keystone’s relaunched Classic Range. Our servicing and capital markets expertise enabled us to play a critical role in ensuring a timely launch for the Landbay-Keystone partnership and our work with P2P platform Landbay underlines our commitment to support true innovation in the mortgage market.”

John Goodall, CEO of Landbay, commented:

“The close cooperation with Paratus AMC has been instrumental in helping Landbay win the role of funding partner for the highly respected Keystone Classic brand.”