Market Financial Solutions introduces two-year and three-year fixed-rate BTL mortgages


Paresh Raja MFS

Market Financial Solutions (MFS) has re-introduced fixed-rate buy-to-let (BTL) mortgages and reduced all of its tracker rates.

As of today, the specialist lender is offering a two- and three-year fix, giving BTL investors shorter-term options if they do not want to tie in for five years.

Crucially, neither the two- or three-year BTL mortgages have rate stressing which forces many landlords to tie into five-year fixed rates with associated early repayment charges.

MFS’s fixed-rate products start from a pay rate of 4.59%. The company has also reduced its tracker rates by between 0.20% and 0.25%.

Founded in 2006, London-based lender MFS specialises in handling large and complex loans at pace, offering marketing-leading leverage and loan size, using methods such as deferred interest, rolled-up interest and top-slicing.

MFS is prioritising flexibility and optionality for borrowers, giving them as wide a range of products to choose from as possible, allowing them to secure the right loan with the right terms for their particular needs.

Paresh Raja, CEO of MFS, said:

“The time is right for us to introduce two-year and three-year fixed products back into our BTL mortgage range.

We know that while they do not want to be locked in for so long, many brokers and borrowers take out five-year fixes due to a lack of an alternative or because they can get a longer-term fix without rate stressing.

The fact we are bringing in shorter fixes but without rate stressing will give BTL investors much more control and choice when seeking the right product.

Everything we do is designed to empower brokers and borrowers.

Our skill, experience and funding lines allow us to provide greater flexibility and optionality, and we’re confident that our expanding BTL mortgage range will remain in high demand in 2024.”