LendInvest makes reductions across buy to let range with rates starting from 4.54%


Sophie Mitchell-Charman (1)

LendInvest, the UK’s leading platform for mortgages, has further reduced rates across its buy to let product suite, including lower headline rates and reductions across its five-year fixed range.

LendInvest is committed to supporting more landlords to get back into the market, offering them a competitive edge with interest rates starting from just 4.54%.

These reduced rates present an opportunity for landlords to capitalise on opportunities in the market, and continue to build their portfolios.

Significant rate reductions are also available across LendInvest’s five-year products, enabling landlords to secure fixed rates for the longer term, providing stability in an ever-fluctuating market.

With access to LTVs of up to 75%, landlords can explore a wider range of financing options to capitalise on investment opportunities.

This flexibility extends to ICR stress tests, with higher fee, lower rate products now available.

Sophie Mitchell-Charman, Commercial Director at LendInvest, said:

“With this enhanced buy to let mortgage range, we aim to improve accessibility, and empower landlords to seize opportunities and navigate the market with confidence.

Our commitment to providing competitive rates and flexible options is a testament to our unwavering support for our clients’ success.”