Landlord Leaders community sharpens focus to improve private rented sector


jon hall

The founding members of the Landlord Leaders Community, convened by OSB Group, has today launched its mission statement outlining its aims to drive positive change for a sustainable and thriving private rented sector.

Following the inaugural Landlord Leaders Community event, the thoughts and insights of key stakeholders has been distilled into a mission statement which presents the purpose and goal of the community in light of the current state of, and future outlook for, the private rented sector.

Key areas of focus include:

  • Education and Training
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Positive Industry Perception

Despite ongoing challenges, the Landlord Leaders Community believes that the future of the private rented sector remains bright.

But more needs to be done to unite a fragmented industry, to encourage collaboration and better communication, putting tenants at the heart of everything the industry does. Buy-to-let is not just any business, it is one with huge social implications.

“Being a landlord is about giving people a home, somewhere they feel safe,” says Suzanne Smith, independent landlord and a founding member of the Landlord Leaders Community.

“You succeed as a business if you have the interest of your customers at the heart of your business.”

At its core, the community continues its aim to bring the industry together, promote professionalism, foster closer tenant/landlord relationships, encourage fairness and transparency and to spread a positive message about the future of the private rented sector in the UK.

Jon Hall, Group Managing Director, Mortgages and Savings, OSB Group said:

“The Landlord Leaders community stands at the forefront of a transformative journey within the private sector, and as a founding member, we’re delighted to deliver this mission statement outlining our ongoing commitment to continue to develop a positive change within the private rented sector for all stakeholders.

The prevailing sentiment from the discussion was that the but-to-let sector is not dead, in fact, far from it.

There are opportunities for us to make more of, and the current shifts in the market will allow those who are truly passionate about positive change to thrive.

A sustainable future for the industry is not possible without collaboration and education for everyone, no matter what role they play.

As part of the Landlord Leaders Community, OSB Group are committed to continue our strong support for the creation of a positive future for the private rented sector.”