West One Loans explains bridging in 60 seconds!



West One Loans has released a state of the art animated video to help viewers better understand how and where bridging finance can be used.

Entitled ‘A Bridge to the Future’ and lasting around a minute, the video is the first in a series of educational vignettes to be aired on WestOneTV, the lenders’ new You Tube channel. Throughout 2012, West One pioneered harnessing the power of social networks, launching highly successful Twitter and Facebook campaigns throughout the year to help and inform industry social audiences.

The new TV channel will further build on this work through a series of engaging and easy to understand videos, helping viewers to unravel the often complex world of bridging finance.

The launch video uses ground breaking kinetic typography, an animation technique mixing motion and text to create highly effective content. The animation covers almost five years of the economic landscape and illustrates how a bridging loan can be an ideal solution in raising much needed short term funding.

Duncan Kreeger, chairman of West One Loans comments:

“ I’m an avid user of social networks and quite frankly, the possibilities in business terms are limitless. We can all see the impact Twitter and Facebook have had in our daily lives, and it’s clear to us that sooner rather than later, social networks will become commonplace in the business arena. We’re taking the platform very seriously and last year created real momentum with our successful Twitter promotions. Our new video is taking the concept another step further underpinning our commitment to education and thought leadership within the bridging industry.”