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WellesleyLogo_reverse - SmallWellesley & Co is a relative newcomer to the short-term lending market, but has already established itself as a serious player in the development and bridging market.



Wellesley offers a blend of:

– Competitive rates
– Generous loan to value and loan to cost ratios
– Simple and reasonable arrangement fees

Their credit team believes in:

– Detailed but reasonable levels of due diligence
– A healthy dose of common sense mixed with reliance on a wealth of experience
– Investing in long term relationships with its brokers and borrowers

Wellesley & Co’s loans are funded by shareholder capital augmented by peer-to-peer investment provided through our platform www.wellesley.co.uk

Wellesley & Co is the UK’s first peer-to-peer lending platform to use its own money to part fund every loan. Wellesley & Co funds all loans in the first instance using its own capital which allows a quick response to applications made for borrowing. Wellesley & Co then assigns a portion of the loan to its lenders. It is the first model of its kind which is beneficial to lenders as the lending decisions are made with the shareholder’s capital in mind.

Peer-to-peer lending is set to become regulated by the FCA in April 2014 and this will help the industry to grow and help consumer confidence.

Wellesley offers lenders fixed rates of return based on lending terms ranging from one month to 5 years. Lenders start earning interest as soon as their money is committed through the platform and the Company puts the interests of its lenders before its own. The Company has an extremely low risk profile focusing on secured and asset backed lending in addition to having a provision fund.