UTB’s Gerard Morgan Jackson completes an epic London to Brighton running race for charity



United Trust Bank sales manager Gerard Morgan Jackson completed a grueling 64 mile London to Brighton race in aid of breast cancer charity ‘Breast Cancer Care’.

The race is officially 60 miles long however Gerard, who works in UTB’s Bridging team, took a wrong turning on the way and ran an extra 4 miles as a result. Getting lost en route, losing a shoe and helping to carry an elderly rambler who’d collapsed to the local train station were just a few of a series of unfortunate events which plagued Gerard’s race.

Despite the race presenting more challenges than Gerard expected, he completed the race (plus 4 miles) finishing in a very creditable 78th place from a field of 1500 entrants.

Gerard commented:

“It’s fair to say that the race didn’t go exactly to plan. Although my preparation was probably less than text book I don’t think any training schedule could have prepared me for what happened during that race. However, I’m delighted to have completed it, I’ve raised money for a very worthwhile charity and the old rambler we found collapsed on the course made a full recovery so all in all, it was a pretty good day.”