United Trust Bank announces strong growth and confirms Tracy Blackwell and Stephen Lockley as non-executive directors



United Trust Bank is pleased to announce that Tracy Blackwell and Stephen Lockley have joined the board as non-executive directors.


The announcement comes at a time when United Trust Bank is experiencing a very strong demand for its products and services and is undergoing a period of significant growth and investment. The Bank has just completed the installation of a new, state of the art banking system and has made several new appointments at senior levels in the Bridging, Development Finance and Asset Finance divisions. United Trust Bank’s ambition is to continue to develop its market share in these three core sectors and the Bank’s management team is confident that there is considerable potential for further growth within the short term secured lending industry.

Graham Davin, Chief Executive Officer of United Trust Bank said of the appointments:

“Tracy and Stephen will bring a great deal of specialist knowledge to the United Trust Bank board. Both have successful careers in finance and their experience and counsel will prove invaluable as we continue to expand. Tracey’s experience as the head of Investment Management at Pension Corporation and Stephen’s prior role as CEO of Arbuthnot Latham Private Bankers bring a unique blend of highly relevant and expert skills to UTB. I very much look forward to working with them.

United Trust Bank has developed considerably over the last few years to become a well-respected specialist bank. Notwithstanding the strong growth we have achieved, we still have ambitious plans and by continuing to invest in people, and bring on board talented individuals who share our vision, we can look to the future with confidence.”

Tracy Blackwell is an Executive Director of Pension Corporation and is responsible for Asset and Liability Management for the Corporation’s £7.0bn portfolio. She is also responsible for overall portfolio strategy and implementation and is a member of several key operating and risk management committees. Tracy previously spent over eight years at Goldman Sachs working in interest rate and foreign exchange derivatives, risk management and pension and insurance strategy. Tracy has a strong knowledge and understanding of the regulatory landscape.

Stephen Lockley is the Chief Financial Officer of VisionFund International, the microfinance arm of the world’s largest NGO, World Vision. Stephen has responsibility for all aspects of finance, risk management, funding and mergers and acquisitions. Stephen’s previous roles have included being CEO of Arbuthnot Latham Private Bankers and being CFO of Arbuthnot Banking Group, as well as a partnership at corporate finance firm Wyvern Partners and 7 years in Corporate Finance at Charterhouse Bank. Stephen holds several non-executive directorships including EuroDekania, an investment company operating in debt capital markets, where he is Chairman of the Audit Committee. He qualified as a FCA with Price Waterhouse before starting his banking career.