TAB selects Gratitude as its charity partner


Sam Morris, Karen Delaney, Duncan Kreeger of TAB-2

Hertfordshire-based bridging lender TAB is partnering with Gratitude, a local Borehamwood charity.

As part of its environment, social and governance strategy, TAB will support the charity by making a significant donation; providing specialist skills to the organisation; and arranging for employees to work at Gratitude as volunteers.

TAB will help man the charity’s “pantry service” – as well as advise on marketing, website development, and legal issues.

Gratitude, which was started from a garden shed in 2009, aims to fight waste by redistributing surplus produce to people in Borehamwood and the surrounding area.

It takes food that can’t be sold in shops (because of packaging errors or overproduction) but is still good to eat – and redistributes it to the community.

The charity runs a community pantry that hands out fruit and vegetables, milk, bread, tins, pasta, ready meals and other emergency supplies out of the Gratitude Hub, based in the Old Library in Borehamwood, on Elstree Way.

It has a baby section stocked with baby clothes, nappies and wipes as well as a kids section, an adult clothes section, and a healthcare corner. Gratitude also distributes food through a network of other local charities.

Duncan Kreeger, CEO and founder of TAB said:

“We wanted to support a small, local charity that would give back to the community and in a way where we could make a big impact.

We have already seen the positive contribution TAB can make when our team was on hand at a time of real need.

For our staff this is an opportunity to get involved, during their working hours, and I can see that everyone is enjoying it.

I was drawn to Gratitude because they are a completely voluntary-run charity and the team is passionate about helping others.

When we went down to meet them in person, you could tell everyone there really wanted to make a difference.

You could see the smiles on the facilities guests’ faces and how this is a charity that really has no judgement and is doing good.

It’s well-run and has an excellent track record, it does important work helping people who are struggling, and the new partnership ties in neatly to our new ESG strategy.

Quite apart from the initial donation, the time, and the expertise TAB will be providing Gratitude, we will also be dedicating our fundraising efforts to raising money for the time being.”

John Carlisle, CEO and founder of Gratitude said:

“We help to feed 2,000 people a week, distributing about £90,000 worth of groceries a month. With the help and support of organisations like TAB, we can continue growing and serving the needs of the community.”