Spotlight: Bridgebank Capital


Bridgebank CapitalBridgebank Capital are one of the UK’s leading property finance lenders in the area of Bridging and Short Term property finance, specialising in residential and commercial property transactions.

The team are highly experienced in the field of both finance and property, and in particular have detailed knowledge of the specialist lending status of the bridging loan sector.

Bridgebank Capital can be relied upon to deal with all cases effectively and efficiently, to deliver short term property loans that solve the financing requirements on all types of Residential and Commercial property transactions.

Bridgebank Capital provides short term bridging loans that must be secured against residential or commercial property. Bridgebank Capital are principle lenders and only provide loans in the specialist area of bridging and short term property finance from 5 days to 12 months.

A bridging loan provides fast funding when it is needed the most and can often be arranged in 7 working days.

Bridging loans are intended for short term lending only and you must have a plan for repayment of the loan.

All Applications are assessed on their own individual merit.