Specialist Finance Centre launches SFC Solo


Dan Yeo Specialist Finance Centre

The pandemic has allowed people to consider working from home permanently, so Cardiff based Specialist Finance Centre has announced the launch of ‘SFC Solo’, offering advisors the opportunity to work independently, whilst under the protective infrastructure of a directly authorised business.

Commenting on the development, Managng Director and founder, Daniel Yeo says, “I have kick-started SFC Solo with 3 such advisers, whose focus is on packaging unregulated bridging and commercial business.”

With ambitious plans to recruit 20 “solo”members by the end of 2024, this will double SFC’s advisor community, creating a unique, dual opportunity for interested parties.

“At Specialist Finance Centre, our approach is to offer not just an employed opportunity for regulated business, but also a self-employed opportunity with industry-leading commissions payable for generating and packaging ‘self-generated’, unregulated business.

Allowing them to maintain a focus on their unregulated business, SFC solo advisers can send their regulated clients to my offices in Cardiff Bay, over whom I have direct oversight,” Yeo adds.

SFCs’s recently announced office move will facilitate the 35 staff infrastructure which Yeo and his team will build over the forthcoming 36 months, aiming to be the fastest growing firm throughout the specialist finance market.