Shawbrook’s ‘New to the Pride’



Nina Teeder - Fiducia Commercial SolutionsAll of Shawbrook’s Commercial Mortgages business is generated through a managed panel of highly professional and successful intermediaries, and we recognise that none of what we have achieved since launching two years ago would have been possible without them. As such, we’re always keen to welcome new broker partners to our panel, as well as to fortify the great relationships we have with our existing intermediary base. We’d like to extend our thanks to our brokers, and welcome new partners on board, by singling out each month a broker who is ‘New to the Pride’. So what does a new Shawbrook broker look like? Each month we’ll tell the story of one of Shawbrook’s new brokers, finding out how they operate, and exploring in more detail what it is that Shawbrook looks for in its broker partners. But as it’s not all serious at Shawbrook, we’ve also thrown in a question of a more off-beat nature….

And the broker New to the Pride in October is…


…Nina Teeder, Business Finance Manager at Fiducia Commercial Solutions. Here’s what she had to say:


“Last year at an NACFB event I bumped into Sarah Woolf, who talked to me about Shawbrook’s story as a new challenger bank –which had evolved from existing financial businesses with which I was already familiar. On learning more about Shawbrook’s model and its Commercial Mortgages division, I realised that it would be a great fit for Fiducia.

Skip ahead, and some months later we have completed two deals with Shawbrook, and are currently working on a handful of other deals with them. You could say we’ve taken to Shawbrook’s process like a duck to water – and altogether these deals total some £1.5 million.

Shawbrook’s process is very meticulous, and we like that. It’s good to know that after submitting your application in principle (AIP), you will receive an IMO within 3 days exactly. It means you always know where you are and what is going on. Shawbrook also requires a very thorough AIP from its broker partners, but at Fiducia we’ve always taken a stringent approach to all our cases – looking at full bank statements, analysing client experience and so on. As such our working practice complements that of Shawbrook like peas do carrots!”

Sarah Woolf, Business Development Manager, Shawbrook Bank, had this to say about Fiducia’s appointment:

“We’re absolutely delighted to have Nina and the Fiducia Commercial Solutions team on board, particularly as a broker in the East Midlands – an area we’re really keen to promote.

Fiducia has already completed two deals with Shawbrook, and the exceptionally high quality of their packaging has been evident even in the short time they’ve been working with us. What’s more, they have a really strong pipeline of work which is currently being processed.

Fiducia is a great example of the kind of intermediary Shawbrook is always on the lookout for. We want to work with brokers with whom we can build a really strong partnership: brokers that take the time to understand our product range and where we fit into the wider market, and brokers who are on the same page when it comes to our commitment to quality. Ultimately we want a relationship that fits, so we can work together and continue to do business again and again.”

Which just leaves the all-important question: if Fiducia Commercial Solutions was a biscuit, which variety would it be? Nina said:

“We’d be a Jaffa Cake… different to the rest (and a bit fruity!)”

Can’t argue with that…

Have what it takes? To find out more about joining the Shawbrook Pride call us on 01277 751111 or email