Shawbrook’s New to the Pride: March 2014



Mark Nathan photo for New to the Pride feature, March 2014The first glimpse of spring sees a newcomer moving stealthily through the daffodils to join the Shawbrook Pride…

The broker ‘New to the Pride’ this month is Mark Nathan of Berberry Consultants.

Here’s what Mark had to say about starting to work with Shawbrook:

“I’d originally heard of Shawbrook through the usual marketing methods such as emails and the industry press. However, our working relationship only began when Andrew Faed, a Regional Development Manager at Shawbrook who I actually already knew from another job, advised us to give them a try.

“So far that relationship has proven to be a strong one because the Commercial team approaches projects with the aim of making them work rather than looking for problems and reasons to turn down applications. I’ve also found the service really good, with easy access not only to Andrew, but also to the underwriters and decision-makers. I’ve really appreciated that there’s a clear point of contact all the way through, from the initial enquiry, via the underwriter, to the completion offer. I particularly like Shawbrook’s flexibility and the way they view clients’ cases individually rather than just reverting to a tick-box mentality. They’re a good bunch to work with!

“We’ve done a variety of deals together since the partnership began, ranging from a short-term loan and the refinance of a commercial property in Blackpool, to a London-based HMO deal. These were complex cases but Shawbrook’s team went beyond the call of duty to get the deal done. Getting these applications approved, given that they were not at all straightforward, gave me the confidence to use Shawbrook again. The team’s understanding and slick service (and prompt payment!) have also been a big help.

“At Berberry Consultants we see honesty and expertise as essential qualities in a broker. I think that seeing these values reflected in Shawbrook has been a big part of what makes our relationship such a good fit.”

Andrew Faed, Regional Development Manager, Commercial Mortgages, Shawbrook Bank spoke of his experience with Mark:

“I knew Mark from my previous roles in commercial lending and made contact with him when I moved to Shawbrook last year. He has a great client base and presents his proposals to the bank in a highly professional manner which benefits both us and his clients. We’ve now successfully completed several cases with him and have others in the pipeline, which bodes well for the future! Mark has also kindly taken the time to write and compliment the team on their work towards completing his cases, which is always much appreciated internally ­– it’s nice that everyone’s efforts are recognised and this really helps build the relationship between both parties.

“Going forward we’ll be looking to build on the success to date. Mark’s clients have requirements that span our whole range of products so there should be more opportunities for us both in 2014 and beyond. I look forward to it!”

Which just leaves the crucial question: if Berberry Consultants was a biscuit, what variety would it be?

A Rich Tea – recognisable, reliable and still around after all these years.

Have what it takes? To find out more about joining the Shawbrook Pride call us on 01277 751111 or email