Shawbrook’s New to the Pride: Hive Financial Ltd


The highly experienced mortgage experts are the latest Strategic Broker Partner to join Shawbrook’s Pride…

Jackie Houguez-Simmons and Steven Drake discuss becoming a Shawbrook Strategic Partner and what joining the pride means to Hive Financial:

“Steven and I have both come from master brokers, so are known in the industry and to Shawbrook. As a relatively new FCA regulated entity, Shawbrook’s loyalty and support throughout the process cannot not be underestimated. That we now have Strategic Partner status is very much a joint achievement between our companies.

Hive Financial are a specialist broker for residential and commercial funding and we have found that Shawbrook Bank are one of the industry’s leading specialist lenders who share our customer focused, personable approach – if we can find a creative and bespoke solution to a complicated case then we are happy to take the time to do that. It is this personal approach that means we will always speak to a lending manager to discuss, in detail, the case. This means there will never be a faceless credit committee decision, which is extremely rare in the modern lending landscape.

Hive Financial have gained a reputation for transparency and good communication with our customers. This is vital to our business and is reflected through a large percentage coming from referrals and repeat business. We do not advertise, so our reputation is key to the growth of Hive.

Shawbrook’s professionalism and efficiency is key to the service we are able to offer our clients. TCF is a core value within Hive’s business model, both for customers and staff. It is important to work and gain the trust of our clients to get an honest and detailed overview of what they are trying to achieve, thereby allowing us to complete a high proportion of the propositions put to us. We are clear and upfront about the options available to clients, and they value our honesty.

Being made a Strategic Partner of Shawbrook Bank, in recognition of the quality of work that we provide, is something that we are extremely proud of here at Hive Financial.”

Daryl Norkett, Regional Development Manager at Shawbrook Commercial Mortgages adds:

“Having been experienced commercial brokers themselves, Jackie and Steven were in a perfect position to set up Hive Finance in late 2015. It’s been a privilege to be a part of the ‘Hive story’ as the brokerage has gone from strength to strength and added some impressive members to the team along the way.

It’s a pleasure to recognise this success by welcoming Hive to the Strategic Partner pride at Shawbrook.

The customer focused values of Shawbrook and Hive are well aligned and we look forward to continuing to grow together over the coming years by supporting many more clients to meet their property and business goals.”