Shawbrook raises its service levels by boosting post-completion team



Sohail Degia photoShawbrook Bank has appointed Sohail Degia as a second Short Term Loan Portfolio Officer (STP) to its post-completion team. The team serves the critical function of managing enquiries from existing loan clients, with the majority of enquiries relating to commercial lending.

Sohail will work specifically on completed deals relating to short term loans (STLs) and be responsible for the management of the interim visits required on this type of loan. He will also be contacting clients during the loan term to ensure repayment of the loan can be achieved on time, liaising with clients on any issues they experience during the project.

Sohail previously worked at RBS and RBS Private Banking for five years before moving to Barclays in 2010 where he worked as a Premier Relationship Manager and managed a portfolio of 400-plus high-net-worth clients.

Brokers will benefit from the team’s increased capacity to discuss changes to existing accounts and other scenarios directly and in depth, saving brokers from having to go via their BDM or the new business team.

Sohail commented on his new role:

“My experience building relationships with clients and understanding their needs in order to offer great service means this role is ideal. I’ve always enjoyed client interaction and this job enables me not only to assist clients reactively, but also to proactively help them during the course of the STL with us. I like the way Shawbrook focuses on operating in specialist markets and its client-focused, pragmatic approach to lending. I am excited to be part of the journey and contribute to future successes.”

Laura Mortlock, Customer Operations Manager, post-completion team, said:

“Sohail’s strong experience in delivering high-quality service further boosts our ability to assist clients once they receive their loan. As a client deals with the same person on the team every time, the service is very personal. Less time needs to be spent by the team familiarising themselves with clients and their cases, providing a smoother, faster response.”