Shawbrook launches E-Signature digital enhancement across Bridging, Buy-to-Let and Commercial Investment range



Shawbrook Bank has today announced the launch of E-Signature technology for bridging, buy-to-let and commercial investment customers.

The enhancement allows borrowers to immediately e-sign and return their formal offer, streamlining their journey to completion.

The E-Signature technology is a secure and simple online verification service which allows customers to sign and share documents online, reducing delays that can occur when printing and posting physical copies.

The development comes ahead of the full launch of Shawbrook’s new innovative Buy-to-Let platform which streamlines the entire application process for brokers and can provide a Formal Mortgage Offer (FMO) in a matter of days.

Claire Rankin, Director of Strategy and Digital Transformation at Shawbrook, says: 

“E-Signatures is one in a long line of digital enhancements that Shawbrook will introduce this year. Our aim is to continually make technological improvements to better support our broker partners and their clients.

Adopting this technology has allowed for more streamlined and efficient operations. Documents that previously would have taken days to co-sign can now be completed in a matter of minutes.

As our lives start to get busier again, being able to access and sign documents from anywhere and at any time makes applying for a mortgage a more straightforward process.

As well as simplifying the customer journey, it will also make our broker’s lives easier.

By freeing up time spent coordinating these small but time-consuming tasks, they can focus on supporting more clients. It’s a real win for everyone involved in the process.”

Joseph Aston, National Sales Manager at Vantage Finance comments:

“Shawbrook’s commitment to investing in their processes is second to none, constantly having the borrower experience at the forefront of every process-based decision.

The use of e-signature for future deals will make the journey quicker and more efficient for intermediaries and customers alike.

It’s yet another marker of Shawbrook being a leading, progressive force in customer service within the specialist lending sector.”