Racefields begins global expansion with opening of South-East Asia office


Chris Maamoun

Racefields, which recently launched its revolutionary debt trading platform, has today announced that it is opening an office in South-East Asia.

The Racefields team hopes the move will broaden the reach of its RCX platform. The team on the ground in South-East Asia will be close to financial centres such as Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong. The team also see opportunities in nearby Thailand and Australia.

The goal is to connect UK-based professional lenders with the vast Asian investor community, thereby increasing the liquidity of RCX. Investors based in China and Singapore have already signed up to the platform but Racefields hopes to attract even more in the weeks following the office’s opening.

“I believe that opening this office will present a great opportunity to build our relationships with investors in the region. Our new office will be close to major financial centres and the possibilities that’ll present for the RCX platform moving forward are tremendous,” says Chris Maamoun, pictured, managing director of Racefields who will be heading up the new South-East Asia operations.

“We’ll be starting work immediately; literally a couple of hours after I land I have meetings scheduled with a number of potential funders based in Singapore. I can’t wait to get started.”

Racefields’ new office will open in mid-November. Investors and lenders keen to meet with the company can do so at the Singapore FinTech Festival which runs from November 13th through to the 17th.