Positive Commercial Finance added to Bridging Loan Directory


Positive Commercial Finance has recently been added to the Bridging Loan Directory.

Positive Commercial Finance specialises in finding the best financing solution for you and your business. They have experience with and access to a wide range of business finance products which are not always available from your high street bank or current lender. As an independent broker, their nationwide service offers a flexible approach to secure the best deal for you and your business.

Positive Commercial Finance understands the need for a speedy response and a quick decision, and would be happy to advise you on the most suitable path to choose for your particular funding need.

Whether your business is looking for funds for growth, development, acquisition, restructuring, refinance, cash flow or whatever, they’re sure they can help you. Even if your company is struggling to stay afloat and you need financial assistance, or you are planning a start-up from the failure of a previous or existing business (Phoenix’s/ Pre Packs), they can call upon the resources available to them to assist you in making the right decision.

Positive Commercial Finance can even offer 100% development finance (with additional security), bridging finance, unsecured business loans and competitive commercial mortgages/ re-mortgages (including self-cert and sub-prime).

Their connections with specialist financiers in major sectors mean they can also arrange funding for projects of any size at very competitive rates. Whether it’s a development project, expansion, joint venture or bridging situation, they can help.

Positive Commercial Finance specialises in the following areas of Business & Development Finance:

Property Finance

Development Finance and Construction Finance

Positive Commercial Finance is a specialist broker for development finance and can facilitate:

Construction Finance
100% Development Finance
Residential Development Finance
Residential Refurbishment Finance
Residential Conversion Finance
Mixed Residential/Commercial Schemes – up to 100% funding
Commercial Schemes – up to 100% development finance available

Development Finance can be arranged on a 100% development finance basis (with additional security). Development finance is available for:

Residential Developments (100% funding available with additional security)
Commercial Constructions Funding
Hotel Development Funding

Positive Commercial Finance also has various lenders that can finance large loan schemes. A Large Loan Scheme is generally £50m plus and may include conventional and non conventional funding by the use of structured finance, debt, equity and private placement.

Commercial Mortgages/Remortgages

Commercial property finance can be arranged for factories and offices, warehouses and storage, investment property, B&Bs and guest-houses, pubs and restaurants, takeaways, garden centres, residential homes, nurseries, farms and so on. Positive Commercial Finance works with a host of flexible commercial mortgage lenders, giving you the most suitable commercial mortgage product available on the market. You can also re-mortgage for a cash injection or just to take account of an improved interest rate, or whatever suits your purpose.
A commercial property investment mortgage is available to companies looking to purchase a business premises as an asset, which brings the benefits of rental income and appreciation. Commercial owner occupier mortgages are available to companies looking to use the property as their business premises. Commercial mortgage facilities offer competitive interest rates on loans from £50k up to £250m with up to 30 year terms, on up to 100% of the value of the property in some circumstances.


Positive Commercial Finance can help provide short term bridging finance for a wide range of transactions. Bridging Finance is a way of raising short term finance in a very short time period and is usually secured against a residential or commercial property. As a bridging loan is secured in this way, personal credit history is not always as relevant as with applications for other types of finance. It is typically used to bridge the gap between a purchase and either a traditional re-finance or sale. Commercial bridging finance can also ease any short term cashflow problems.

Mezzanine Finance

Mezzanine Property Finance is a second mortgage on a property, where specialist lenders lend (subject to status) further funds above the maximum a commercial property lender is prepared to commit. Mezzanine Finance is available to private individuals, trusts, limited companies and PLC’s. Positive Commercial Finance can arrange both Development Mezzanine Finance and Investment Mezzanine Finance. They have the expertise and contacts to structure a funding deal for you. They discuss and negotiate with lenders personally on your behalf, and work hard behind the scenes to give you a tailored fit for finance in accordance to your needs. Each proposal is seen case by case on its own merits.

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