Novellus acquires real estate technology firm Native Finance



Novellus, a group of specialist lending companies based in the UK & Ireland, has announced the acquisition of Native Finance, an intelligent real estate data platform.

Native Finance provides a cutting-edge platform that enables users to make informed decisions when investing in real estate.

The platform offers insights into the real estate market, including trends and forecasts, as well as providing data on specific properties.

Novellus will integrate Native Finance’s technology into LendingDynamics, a bespoke software product undergoing development.

Both systems will form a key part of Novellus’ lending operations, providing its customers with a more informed and data-driven approach to lending.

The acquisition of Native Finance will enable Novellus to enhance its already outstanding customer experience by providing even more accurate and detailed data.

“We are delighted to announce the acquisition of Native Finance,” said Daniel Maskell, Technology & Operations Director at Novellus Group.

“The technology platform that Native Finance has built is truly innovative and we are excited to integrate this technology into our existing offering.

Our customers will benefit from the enhanced data-driven approach, which will provide them with even greater insights when investing in real estate.”

“We’re pleased to have completed the acquisition of our platform by Novellus,” said Prasanna Kannan, Co-Founder of Native Finance.

“From the start of the process the team clearly understood the significant commercial value in our technology and its transformative potential.

They were also highly professional during the due diligence process and helped complete the transaction as smoothly as possible”

The acquisition of Native Finance is a significant step for Novellus in its ongoing program of technology transformation.

The company remains committed to investing in innovative technology to provide its customers with the best possible service.