New lender Fortgate Capital enters bridging market


matthew von lorson fortgate capital

New to the lending market Fortgate Capital has launched its non-regulated residential and commercial bridging loan offering in the UK, with the intention of expanding into Western Europe within 24 months.

Supported by HNWIs and a Family Office, Fortgate’s focus is on loan sizes of £10m to £100m on single assets and portfolios.

Lending will be offered across all asset classes on terms of 12 to 24 months through direct origination, broker relationships, professional introducers and other lender referrals.

Matthew Van Lorson, CEO and Co-Founder of Fortgate Capital says:

“Despite competition and ongoing new entrants to the bridging loan market, we still see significant opportunity for growth throughout the UK and Western Europe.

The current economic inflationary situation fuelling higher interest rates is enhancing the attraction for bridging loans which also offer higher LTVs.

Indeed the narrowing of pricing between conventional bank lending and the shorter term bridge lending is now seen as a realistic and cost effective alternative for many borrowers”.

Having qualified as a UK Financial Consultant after completing his Degree in business management, Matthew has spent the last 23 years working as a real estate debt advisor across both residential and commercial property financing transactions in the UK and Europe.

Matthew added:

“Working on the debt advisory side of real estate for so many years ingrains a deep routed knowledge and understanding from the lender, borrower and introducer perspectives.

As a relationship lead lender we shall take extreme care in really understanding each transaction and foster a culture of best practice our borrowers and introducers can trust and come to rely on when looking for a lending partner who can perform at the highest of levels”.