NCI becomes latest associate member of astl



Astl has a new associate member.  NCI joins the astl as an associate member bringing the total number to 20.

NCI is the leading provider of field services to the short term lending industry.  Short term lenders use NCI to check out loan applicants before granting them a loan and then commission them to contact the borrower towards the end of the loan period to ensure they are in a position to pay their loan back.

Adrian Bloomfield, chief executive of the astl says, “I would like to welcome our newest associate member to the astl. We have had four associate members join just this year, proving the inherent value that many companies get by being affiliated with the astl and the short term lending market.  Each associate member in turn brings complimentary skills and makes a valuable contribution to the astl.”

Dave Brewsher, senior manager at NCI says, “We have strong working relationships with many of the lenders in the short term lending industry, so it makes sense for us to join the astl as an associate member. We look forward to meeting with the members and making an active contribution to the astl and the market as a whole.”