miLoan bridging sourcing system goes live



The newest addition to the family of products is available for all 2650 registered users of Y3S’s specialist finance portal from today.

miLoan bridging offers finance intermediaries a new way to access bridging loan products, allowing them to obtain detailed information and create personalised quotes including broker, administration and legal fees, payments, rates, rolled up and retained interest and the overall cost of borrowing.  Users can search for products according to their preferences, and once they have fine-tuned their results, they can submit the application directly to a short-term product specialist at Y3S Bridging & Commercial for further processing.

The company claims that this is the most comprehensive system of its type available, following months of research and development by Y3S’ internal IT department.  “We wanted to build on the success of our secured loan portal, which is now the UK’s fastest-growing sourcing system for brokers”, said project director Matt Cottle.  “After speaking to our user base and understanding what was missing out there, it became clear that brokers were confused about bridging loans and were unable to find information that was easily understandable and comparable, so we investigated the possibility of building a new module for miLoan.

“Fast forward 4 months and we have an innovative new portal that offers our users free access to concise and accurate information about bridging products from the UK’s top lenders”.