MFS FlipFinance Fund increased by £20m


In May MFS launched FlipFinance2017 – a £20 million funding drive to support the aspirations of the UK’s budding property investors and landlords in need of fast access to capital to act upon their short-term investment plans. Upon its release FlipFinance was met with industry acclaim, covered in the Financial Times and generating a surge of interest from investors seeking to expand their property portfolio.

Encouragingly six weeks after launch, MFS has almost completed on the £20 million initially offered. Therefore, to support overwhelming demand, MFS is pleased to announce that it is injecting an additional £20 million into the FlipFinance funding initiative. This will ensure first and second-time property investors are able to complete refurbishment and restoration projects that will form the foundations of tomorrow’s property portfolios.

FlipFinance2017 funding will continue to be made available in the form of bridging loans ranging from £200,000 to £1 million, subject to review by MFS’ in-house credit analysis and due diligence processes.