Masthaven pledges widest UK broker coverage



Richard DeaconMasthaven Bridging has pledged to support the intermediary market throughout the UK via its growing nationwide BDM team.

With the London and the South East housing markets generating a raft of national headlines, Masthaven Bridging has moved to restate its commitment to the whole of the UK market via the ramping up of its nationwide BDM coverage.

This move comes shortly after the appointment of Jan Gallagher as National Corporate Sales Manager in March and Jim Baker taking over the Northern Region. These appointments come on top of existing BDM’s Mark Hedley covering the Midlands and Neil Molyneux who services brokers in the South Central region, the South West and Wales.

Richard Deacon, Sales Director at Masthaven Bridging, commented:

“Our aim is to provide additional support to brokers throughout the UK and not just focus on those regions currently grabbing all the headlines. Masthaven’s nationwide BDM network, and that of our national corporate sales manager, offers a valuable source of expertise for brokers and the benefits attached to this kind of one to one interaction shouldn’t be understated. It’s this type of personal service which adds value to brokers, enabling them to do what they do best, and that is to generate and write new business.”