London Credit launches Best 4 U bridging loan promotion


Marios Theophanous

Bridging lender, London Credit has launched a Best 4 U promotion that allows brokers to choose the offer that would best suit their clients.

The promotion gives brokers the option to choose either refunded legal fees, refunded valuation fees or a lower rate.

Under the promotion a broker can choose a 100% refund on legal or valuation fees up to a maximum amount of £5,000 per loan, or a 10% discount on the interest rate.

The offer is available on residential loans up to 70% LTV and a maximum loan size of £2m, where the legal undertaking is paid by 1st June 2024.

Brokers can benefit from the offer by submitting a loan application, choosing their preferred promotion and communicating it to their BDM. The chosen promotion will then be applied upon approval of the loan.

Marios Theophanous, Credit Manager at London Credit, says:

“This initiative aims to ease the financial burden on borrowers and provide brokers with flexibility to structure the most suitable solution for their clients.

By being able to choose a promotion on either legal fees, valuation fees or rate, brokers are empowered to pick the most beneficial offer based on the specifics of the loan and the client’s circumstances”