LendInvest Mortgages launches new faster bridge to let process


Sophie Mitchell-Charman (1)

LendInvest Mortgages, the UK’s leading platform for mortgages, announces the launch of a new bridge-to-let process.

This streamlined service offers a faster, more efficient process powered by the LendInvest Mortgages Portal, ensuring a seamless transition from bridging finance to buy-to-let.

The new bridge-to-let process is designed to provide simplicity and certainty from day one.

Customers can now manage their bridge-to-Let deals in one place, with the assurance that their bridging finance will exit onto our buy-to-let range.

When submitting a bridge-to-let application, LendInvest’s in-house experts will assess your bridging deal and confirm if the exit will fit on the buy-to-let range.

This new process offers the benefit of free legals, free valuations, and a faster buy-to-let underwrite, providing flexibility and convenience.

Sophie Mitchell-Charman, Commercial Director at LendInvest, said:

“Our new bridge-to-let process exemplifies our commitment to providing innovative and efficient solutions for our clients.

By integrating bridging finance and Buy-to-Let into a single, streamlined process, we are delivering unparalleled convenience and certainty for our customers.

The combination of our tailored product offerings and proprietary technology within the Mortgages Portal sets a new standard in the industry, allowing us to offer faster, simpler service.”