Kuflink investments funded in record time


Bridging lender

Kuflink have announced today that their investor community are funding deals in record time, with 60% of opportunities snapped up in under a day. In fact, many are fully funded much faster than this, with a recent loan completing in just 56 minutes – a turnaround time that proves how well they know their customers. 

Kuflink investors have a keen eye for security, which the business reflects by tailoring the loans offered on their platform; their average loan to value is now just 46% across this quarter’s deals. 

“The launch of Kuflink Bridging’s 5-day loan product has attracted an impressive amount of new business for us, which means that we’re able to offer more investment opportunities than ever before” explained Narinder Khattoare, Kuflink CEO.  

“This, coupled with our tiny average loan-to-value and 5% co-investment, has maximised demand from our investors and we’re excited to use our in-house talent to rise to the challenge.”