Investors remain upbeat despite economic uncertainty


Narinder Khattoare Kuflink

Investors plan to increase the amount they invest this year despite challenging market conditions, according to recent research conducted by peer-to-peer investment platform Kuflink.

Although experts had forecast a downturn for year ahead in the wake of Brexit, this doesn’t appear to have deterred many investors. A survey of investors indicated that 91% plan to invest either the same amount (49%) or more (42%) during 2019.

The rise of online investment platforms has broadened public awareness of and access to higher returns on their money – it’s easier than ever to build and manage an investment portfolio, and as a result many mainstream savers are turning their backs on the big banks. 47% of investors have been investing less than two years, with just over a quarter (26%) revealing their primary reason for investing was to supplement their savings. Planning for retirement (24%) and to supplement income (21%) were the other common factors.

Lower minimum amounts have also proved attractive for new customers, with 40% of investors surveyed investing a relatively modest amount of between £1,000 and £10,000 a year, and preferring to commit funds on a monthly basis (48%) rather than in one lump sum.

Rate of return was by far the most popular factor respondents looked for when choosing how to invest (83%), with risk involved (68%) and company reputation (60%) also at the forefront of their financial decisions. The lender also found that customers were keen to stay with platforms that they had already seen results from, as 95% of Kuflink’s existing customers revealed plans to continue investing with them in the long-term.

“Thousands of people across the UK are waking up to the fact that they don’t have to leave their money to stagnate in a savings account, earning rates well below inflation and actually losing value.” Explained Narinder Khattoare, pictured, Kuflink CEO.

“Gone are the days when you needed to be a finance expert to earn decent returns on your money – now all you need is a computer, a few spare minutes to sign up and £100 first-time minimum investment.”


*Figures based on 452 responses, data collected December 2018.