Hope Capital transforms service proposition


Hope Capital office

Hope Capital has revealed it has made significant improvements to its service proposition, now providing an upgraded, streamlined offering to its brokers and borrowers.

The lenders new service will ensure faster turnaround times and more efficiency, to compliment the vast range of competitive bridging loan options it provides.

Full details of the new offering now include:

  • Enquiries responded to within 1 hour 
  • AIP issued within 2 hours 
  • Initial due diligence commenced immediately upon receipt of the application ​
  • Welcome call with borrower and formal terms issued within 48 hours 

The lender has spent a significant amount of time reviewing customer feedback, market research, competitive analysis, as well as looking into internal capabilities, to ensure the new service proposition can be delivered.

Laura Carr, Head of Underwriting at Hope Capital, commented:

“Our newest proposition has been designed looking at the service concept, the service delivery system, and the service experience.

It was essential for us to involve our team, brokers and other stakeholders in the process, to ensure we had valuable insights into our new way of operating.

Last year was our most successful year for the business since we were established in 2011, which is why it is essential we continue this momentum by making even further improvements to support our brokers and clients.”

Recognising that there is a rich new range of opportunities to use technology to improve services and strengthen relationships, the lender has recently launched a brand-new mobile app and website, and is set to launch a broker portal in the near future.

Jonathan Sealey, CEO at Hope Capital, commented:

“The rise of online and digital lending has spurred a whole new set of expectations among brokers and borrowers.

We are in the final stages of launching our portal and coupled with our app, are proud to be one of the very few lenders in the bridging finance market which offers these service.”

As we roll out all of these new enhancements, we will be monitoring our performance closely to ensure expectations are being met, while identifying even further improvements we can make, if necessary.”