Hope Capital launches fast track bridging loan offer


Hope Capital office

Hope Capital has launched a ‘cracking’ new offer to mark the festive season, which provides fast completions, highly competitive rates and LTVs up to 75% on properties worth up to £1m.

The brand new LOANS Fast Track Bridge offering will provide fantastic support as brokers and borrowers look ahead towards opportunities in 2022.

The latest deal from the specialist short-term lender is available from today and into the new year.

The LOANS Fast Track Bridge stands for:

L = LTVs up to 75%. Loans up to £750k. Properties worth up to £1m.

O = Open Market Valuations NOW accepted

A = Attractive rates

N = No Personal Guarantees considered

S = Speedy valuations via AVMs and Desktop

As part of the offer, Hope Capital has also announced it will now lend based on an Open Market Valuation (OMV), across residential, commercial and mixed-use property types.

Roz Cawood, Director of Sales at Hope Capital, commented:

“As we once again face an uncertain period within the economy, we wanted to provide some additional festive support and a brand-new opportunity as we enter the new year.

The LOANS Fast Track Bridge offering reflects everything we stand for at Hope Capital: delivering innovative, flexible, tailored solutions quickly and efficiently, which cater for the requirements of different borrowers, their individual circumstances and their level of borrowing.

The decision to now accept OMV’s was made to increase our competitiveness as we head into 2022. This will also support borrowers who are looking to achieve their investment and business goals going forward.”

In addition, Hope Capital will now accept automated valuation model (AVM) up to £750k and Desktop valuations on residential property up to £1m.

Roz continued:

“This new offer is suitable for all property types and is a highly competitive bridging loan facility.

As we understand speed is of the essence, we will also lend based on AVMs and desktop valuations, making borrowing significantly faster and more accessible for customers.”