Hope Capital enhances employee benefit scheme


Hope Capital office

Hope Capital is entering the new year by investing significantly in its internal wellbeing and benefits scheme, myHOPE.

The welcomed raft of several new family-friendly policies will strengthen the organisation’s offering and improve inclusion.

Notably, Hope Capital has chosen to significantly enhance maternity and paternity paid leave for any of its employees.

myHOPE was launched by the lender in November 2022 with the aim of creating a platform where the team could access several resources and benefits to support development opportunities, as well as make a positive impact on their health and wellbeing.

The lender has invested a significant amount into the scheme since its establishment and is delighted to see the impact this has had, with a recent employee survey revealing 100% would recommend Hope Capital as an employer.

In addition, a behavioural framework has been designed and implemented to go hand in hand with a brand-new mutual respect policy.

The framework supports individual development and ultimately, a customer centric approach. Subsequently, the mutual respect policy lends itself to a culture where everyone feels welcomed, fairly treated, and fully supported.

The behavioural framework and the mutual respect policy are both strongly aligned to the company values Hope Capital has and allows the team to understand how they are brought to life when dealing with colleague’s and their clients.

Jonathan Sealey, CEO at Hope Capital, commented:

“In a highly competitive industry, it’s crucial for us to provide a value-driven rewards package for our employees in order to recruit and retain the best talent.

Throughout 2023 we achieved some unbelievable results thanks to the hard work and dedication of our brilliant team.

We’re delighted to roll out even more benefits this year and will continue to listen to the feedback we receive to ensure our staff are happy and motivated working at Hope Capital.”

In line with the enhancement, Hope Capital has also launched a series of new policies to support its team. This includes enhancing its maternity and paternity policy, as well as introducing a mutual respect policy.

Jonathan continued:

“Our team has cemented some fantastic relationships with brokers and our industry peers over the years, which could naturally only be achieved through having mutual respect with all parties we work with.

Our policy shows our commitment to how we treat those outside of the business, as well as what we expect in return.”