Holme Finance Solutions launches new re-bridging service


new product launch

Holme Finance Bridging Solutions (HFBS) has announced the launch of a new re-bridging service tailored specifically for clients facing challenges with existing bridging loans.

Many Bridging lenders refuse to ‘re-bridge’ a client however this is short sighted as in some cases this can be in a client’s best interests.

This service is designed to assist borrowers who are at risk of defaulting or need to renegotiate their loan terms to better suit their changing financial situations.

HFBS has built a reputation for addressing each case on a personal basis, ensuring that solutions are crafted to meet the distinct needs of each client.

Managing Director Ian Broadbent said:

“We recognise that failing to redeem a previous bridging loan isn’t necessarily dead-end. Instead, it can be an opportunity to reset financial paths and develop a plan that supports long-term success.”

The primary goal of HFBS’s re-bridging service is to prevent loans from escalating to higher default rates, thereby offering clients a fresh start.

By working closely with borrowers to understand their unique circumstances, HFBS devises customised exit strategies that often include re-bridging as a viable solution.

One notable success story involves a small business owner who utilised HFBS’s re-bridging service to avoid punitive default rates and reposition his business for future growth.

Such testimonials underscore the effectiveness and client-centred approach of HFBS, showcasing their commitment to providing relief and support to borrowers under financial strain.

HFBS encourages anyone struggling with their bridging loan or seeking to understand more about their financial options to reach out.

“Our doors are always open for discussion. If you need a solution tailored to your unique financial needs, do not hesitate to contact us.” said Ian.

HFBS aims to reinforce its commitment to providing flexible, reliable, and individualised financial solutions, helping clients regain control of their financial journeys and move forward with confidence.