Funding 365 and Adapt complete £3m of complex bridging loans


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Fast bridging lender Funding 365 and award winning short term finance broker Adapt have together provided borrowers with bridging solutions worth over £3million in less than 4 weeks.

Funding 365 have been providing Adapt’s clients with bridging loans since late 2015 and their relationship is forged through a shared focus on always delivering the best possible solution for the borrower.

One of the bridging loans involved both first and second charges secured against a commercial property and strict timings, yet the borrower received a rate of just 0.75% per month.

Another loan involved a portfolio of 9 BTL properties in London worth £3.1million.

Funding 365 Marketing Director, Laura Kendall explains:

“Our working relationship with Adapt feels so natural as they share our core values and our nimble way of working. Ultimately it benefits the borrower when their broker and lender work together to deliver the best financial solution in a seamless process.”

Adapt Managing Director, Jordan McBriar adds:

“Yet again, great work from the whole team at Funding 365, kickstarted with a common sense approach and thorough packaging from Adapt”