FRP Advisory joins the ASTL


Benson Hersch

FRP Advisory is the fifth associate member to join the Association of Short Term Lenders (ASTL) since the start of the year. The membership now consists of 37 members and 28 associate members.

Founded in 2010, FRP Advisory is a national business advisory firm specialising in corporate finance, debt advisory and restructuring services. The firm works with national clearing banks, alternative lenders and a number of short-term lenders. The partnership provides advice to directors, shareholders and other investors through periods of strategic change and those who may require debt restructuring advice, or are recovering their outstanding indebtedness from defaulting borrowers.

Benson Hersch, pictured, CEO of the ASTL said:

“FRP Advisory is well established across a number of major regional business hubs and, with its experience in a diverse set of specialist industries and markets, it is a very welcome addition to our membership.”

Steve Williams, Partner at FRP Advisory based in its Preston office added:

“The desire to always do the right thing is a shared value that binds FRP Advisory with the ASTL and our fellow members. The ASTL has proved to be a safe port amid any perceived turmoil within the wider lending market and offers a focal point for best practice within the short term lending industry. This includes the promotion of ethical business practices that underpin the stability and prosperity of this crucial market.

“With an established standing in the short term lending market and a growing membership, the association’s importance for the sector is set to grow yet further over the years to come. The ability to create a sense of community is vital for the establishment of a sustainable trading environment which has integrity at the heart of its value system. We look forward to contributing to that ongoing process through our membership of the ASTL.”