First three lenders integrate with LenderGateway


Precise Mortgages, Shawbrook Bank and Together have signed up as the first three lenders to begin to integrate with the ground-breaking mortgage software system, LenderGateway, to enable direct submission from brokers.

The pioneering lenders are helping to forge the first truly end-to-end sourcing, case management and submission system with absolutely no rekeying required from initial client enquiry.

Peter Heigho, managing director of APAC Systems, which created the innovative software, said:

“It’s no surprise that the first three lenders on board are tech-savvy, successful and ambitious businesses, with clear growth strategies and strong experienced teams guiding them.

“They all understand the crucial role technology plays in the mortgage market, and want to be at the forefront of new developments that show tangible advances for brokers, lenders and clients. LenderGateway does exactly that, and this is just the start.”

Maeve Ward, sales and operations director at Shawbrook Bank, added:

“LenderGateway is a breath of fresh air, and a platform that the market has been crying out for, for many years. A one-stop-shop for sourcing, decisioning, processing and updating in real time.

“Huge investment in time and money has been spent to truly understand the needs of the end user and create a fully automated wing-to-wing system that should drive accurate day one decisioning, reduced cycle times, and better conversions – three key metrics for a seamless customer journey and a positive customer outcome.”

The lowdown on LenderGateway

Heigho designed and built LenderGateway after 25 years of delivering the UK’s leading mortgage technology to the market, including Trigold’s Prospector and The Key.

It’s the most advanced and reliable broker software available in the UK today, combining mortgage sourcing with client management and submission in one groundbreaking piece of FCA-compliant software. It covers first charge, second charge, buy-to-let, bridging and commercial finance and compares them side by side.