Fiduciam becomes FIBA lender partner


Johan Fiduciam

Fiduciam, the short to medium term lender renowned for its business and overseas lending, has just become the latest lender partner of FIBA.

Fiduciam provides bridging, development and refurbishment loans as well as auction finance, business and working capital loans. If provides loans secured over real estate in the UK, Ireland, France, Spain and the Netherlands.

The wide-ranging and varied lending provided by Fiduciam will complement the loans provided by FIBAs existing lender partners and will particularly support FIBA’s drive to enhance lending to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

FIBA’s aim is to support finance professionals in the UK by providing members with relevant training, guidance and assistance as well as ensuring that they have access to a comprehensive network of lenders, detailed product knowledge, industry expert advice and dedicated compliance resources.

Fiduciam’s partnership with FIBA will help to provide strength and depth to the range of loans available to the FIBA membership.

Adam Tyler, executive chairman of FIBA said:

“It is a great pleasure to welcome Fiduciam as a lender partner. Their lending will bring huge value to our membership, providing UK finance professionals with access not only to standard bridging and development loans across the UK and Ireland, but will also cater for their clients who are business owners and those who wish to extract working capital or acquisition finance from their property in the UK or overseas.”

Johan Groothaert, pictured, CEO of Fiduciam said:

“FIBA has a significant membership of high quality finance professionals so it made perfect sense for Fiduciam to become a lender partner.  We are growing rapidly, not only in the UK but in a number of other counties across Europe and joining FIBA plays a strategic role in this growth.”