CSBF Capital Partners launches 3 year bridging loan product


Jourdan Rajwan Headshot 1

CSBF Capital Partners (CSBF), a leading short-term lender has announced the launch of its new and expanded product range this week.

CSBF are now offering short-term funding up to a maximum of £8 million, and a maximum term of 36 months.

This product is available on the same broad parameters that other CSBF deals have been done, no external valuations for most deals, no personal guarantees, and a common-sense approach to the underwriting.

CSBF Capital Partners has committed further capital to support the increase in loan size and to help fuel further growth.

The increase in term is a response to the challenges experienced by borrowers in refinancing in the current market.

Offering longer terms should allow CSBF to support borrowers complete their business plans and forms part of their collaborative approach.

Jourdan Rajwan, Director at CSBF Capital Partners commented:

“We have seen a strong demand from borrowers who are looking at their financing options in the current interest rate environment, especially for assets midway through business plan.

This will allow us to offer our clients additional flexibility and presents a credible alternative to a term loan.

We know that borrowers continue to be attracted by our straightforward approach to underwriting and the small team which means we don’t offer terms that we can’t deliver on.”