Clara Media sponsors Winnington Park RFC


Clara Media board Winnington

COVID hit recreational rugby hard. And now the cost of living crisis is squeezing finances even further. As increasing numbers of clubs are forced to close their doors, local businesses and financial services can do their bit to keep the ball rolling.

Clara Media is one business doing exactly that. The publisher – which manages two niche financial outlets, Bridging Loan Directory and Specialist Finance Directory – is sponsoring Winnington Park RFC for three years.

Sponsorships are essential for rugby clubs

We can’t exist without the support of businesses sponsoring the club”, comments Fixtures Secretary and Volunteer Coordinator Dave Snasdell. “What support we get is greatly thanked!”.

Rugby clubs like Winnington Park are hugely important for local communities. “It brings people together”, Snasdell adds. An estimated 133,600 adults in England play rugby at least twice a month, according to research from Statista. And the number is much higher among children.

Improving health and nurturing communities

Any sporting club is good for mental health wellbeing, physical fitness and socialising, particularly for young people”, Snasdell comments. He’s right. According to one paper in the British Journal of Medical Sports, players are less likely to suffer from type-2 diabetes, some cancers, strokes, heart disease and depression.

A little sponsorship can go a long way”, Founder of Clara Media, Tony Sanchez highlights. “Local clubs like Winnington Park can make a world of difference to so many people”.

Rugby clubs offer something for everyone

Winnington Park offers rugby for all ages, genders and abilities. “We’re a community club and we have a huge impact”, continues Snasdell. The club also hosts a hockey team, girl guides, toddler groups, guide dog training and much more.

Plus, according to Snasdell, the club is also a professional networking hotspot where locals get employment tips. “Together we support [job seekers] and help mentor them to get jobs”, he explains.

There are an estimated 100,000 volunteers helping in England’s rugby clubs too. For these groups, it’s a rewarding chance to get involved in the community and be part of something important.

A call to local businesses – especially lenders – to join in!

I’d recommend any businesses – especially my industry of lenders – to look in their local area to see how they can support”, comments Sanchez. “Together we can help to make a real difference to the lives of so many people”.

If you’d like to donate to Winnington Park RFC, or come and see what makes it so special, visit the website or speak to Dave Snasdell.