Bridging Funding joins Bridging Loan Directory


Bridging Funding has this week become the latest bridging finance provider to join Bridging Loan Directory.

As a bespoke lender, they will consider a case on strength and client background. Bridging Funding are not therefore a strict loan to value lender, instead they often lend at higher LTV’s than anyone in the industry.

Bridging Funding is a 100% privately funded lender and take a common sense view on all lending decisions. Decisions and terms within 1 hour.

First, second and third charges considered.

Their established funding lines allows them to lend up to £10m

They guarantee you can speak to a decision maker about your requirements.

Loans can be completed in a matter of days, their average across all of their lending being under five days.

Exact terms are always quoted, with no complicated back end legal process. Transparency is key within their working practices.

Bridging Funding work closely with you on unusual lending scenarios, e.g. bridging for creditor settlements, inheritance tax resolution, bankruptcy petitions, marital buyouts & secured loans for business use.