Bridgebank Capital announce huge growth in demand


Bridgebank CapitalThe Bridgebank Capital Group has in recent weeks completed near on £35 million of loan advances, primarily as a result of increased activity from their  large loans brand; Quantum by Bridgebank Capital.

During the course of the last few weeks, the Quantum by Bridgebank Capital team progressed amongst other cases, six large loan advances through to completion whilst overcoming a number of complexities involved. These cases included lending to offshore entities, bank settlement refinance, lending to foreign nationals and the provision of refurbishment and redevelopment funding, to name a few. The common thread through all these cases though, was both the experience and wealth of the Applicants, supported by the transparency and quality of information provided, and their appointed professional advisory team.

This recent uplift in completions activity however, is not expected to end here  as the next two weeks, running up to the Christmas period are expected to be extremely busy, with anticipated completions in excess of a further £20 million for the Group.

The outlook for 2016 is also extremely bright as we continue to receive high volumes of regular deal flow meeting the Quantum criteria.

Carl Graham, Sales Director commented:

“As a company, we are delighted with the level and value of deal flow that we are now experiencing. Certainly, since our change of emphasis to target the larger loan sector of the short term lending arena, coupled with a major internal restructure over the summer specifically designed to deal with the level of competency and professionalism required to handle this type of lending, we are seeing an instant return on that investment. We look forward to continuing to build on the success of 2015 into the New Year”.