Bridge Invest completes three bridging loans in three days


Vivek Jeswani Bridge Invest

Principal lender, Bridge Invest has completed three loans in three days.

The loans were sourced from three different brokers of which two were brokers that the firm had not previously worked with before. Wednesday’s loan was secured against an unencumbered investment property for business purposes including settlement of a business debt. Thursday’s loan was a second charge for business purposes secured against a principal residence in Crouch End. Friday’s loan was to a property developer undertaking heavy refurbishment in West Kensington.

Vivek Jeswani, pictured, Chief Investment Officer, said:

“This was a good end to the last three days of our financial year. We would like to thank Brightstone Law who acted for us on all of these transactions”.

Speed and certainty are at the core of every loan they make. Bridge Invest are a small team with background in both in finance and property, allowing them to provide bespoke solutions on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, their clients have direct access to a decision maker throughout the loan process, 7 days a week. they provide terms on the day they receive enquiries; and as principal lenders, once you have your terms, you have the comfort of their guarantee to always stick to their promises.