Avamore Capital expands team



Chloe Stidston-Lewis, an experienced consultant within the property sector, has joined Avamore Capital as ‘Loan Servicing Manager’.

Ms Stidston-Lewis started her career as an Advisor specialising in the Mortgage Servicing Industry, working for lenders such as Kensington Mortgage Company & New Street Mortgages.  Ms Stidston-Lewis skilfully occupied this role for a year and was swiftly offered the position as Mortgage Servicing Consultant within The Northview Group. This position saw Ms Stidston-Lewis oversee a team of advisors; ensuring processes were correctly implemented and followed. Furthermore, tasks within the company also included undertaking continuous improvement activity, delivering technical coaching and ensuring that an efficient and proactive service was being provided to all clients.

Chloe Stidston-Lewis, pictured, said:

“I am delighted to be joining Avamore Capital as a Loan Servicing Manager. I am excited to be working with the team and look forward to playing a key part in providing excellent service to our borrowers.”

Nick Petkov, Principal at Avamore Capital said:

“We are extremely pleased to be joined by Chloe who has already shown a great level of professionalism and work ethic. This role has the potential to be very challenging as it combines overseeing progress on project security documentation, all aspects of development and construction as well as being a point of contact with our customers. We have no doubt whatsoever that with Chloe’s experience and skills to bring to the role, Avamore Capital will continue to provide an excellent post completion service to our customers, which is our ultimate goal.”