ASTL announces agenda for Annual Conference


Bridging Loan Conference

The Association of Short Term Lenders (ASTL) has announced the agenda for its Annual Conference, which takes place in London on Thursday 20th October 2022.

The ASTL Annual Conference 2022, which takes place at RSA House in central London, will feature the launch of the short term lending industry’s first education programme and the ASTL’s first White Paper on Bridging Finance.

It will also include the introduction of the inaugural Benson Hersch Memorial Bursary, which will be awarded to selected individuals working for lender members of the ASTL.

The Bursary will be used to train and develop those individuals who demonstrate an appetite to promote the interests of the short-term mortgage lending community and a commitment to the values of transparency and customer-focus that are promoted by the Association.

In addition, the agenda includes guest speakers from NARA, One Savings Bank and Savills, as well as the opportunity for delegates to meet and network.

Places for the ASTL Annual Conference are limited, with priority being given to members and associate members of the ASTL.

However, there may be remaining places available for bridging professionals who have an interest in the work of the ASTL and those interested in attending are encouraged to register their interest at

Vic Jannels, CEO of the ASTL says:

“ASTL 2022 promises to be our best conference yet. We have planned a packed agenda for the day, which includes a host of respected expert speakers as well as the launch of some of our most important initiatives, including the first ongoing education programme for the commercial finance industry and the ASTL’s first ever White Paper.

We will also be introducing the Benson Hersch Memorial Bursary. Benson was the driving force behind the ASTL.

He took the reins of the membership and transformed it into an association that was more representative of the industry, with a clear purpose to improve standards and encourage sustainable growth of the sector.

So, it is only right that we honour is memory in a way that supports those individuals who are also striving to encourage high standards and the sustainable growth of the sector.”