Aspen opens bridging sourcing system ‘Broker View’ to the market


Jack Coombs, Aspen Bridging

Aspen, the specialist bridging lender based in the Midlands and covering England and Wales has announced today that it has opened its sourcing system direct to the market.

Broker View, an online quoting tool that offers introducers accurate and fully costed quotes for their clients in minutes, had previously only been available on a limited access basis.

Aspen has now announced that Broker View is available to all brokers and is offering the system via a direct download to go on the brokers desktop.

The system takes around 12 questions and uses the information to offer the broker a quote tailored to the customer with the capacity to adjust the product type, term and in hand amount as required.

Ed Ahrens, MD said:

“We opted for this number of questions as it seemed to be the minimum needed to get an initial quote with a high level of accuracy.”

The system includes accurate valuation and legal fees and offers the user access to a suite of commercial and residential bridging products.

2018 has been a good so far year for Aspen and enquiry levels are up 102% in volume in H1 of 2018 vs H2 of 2017.

This is partly due to wider awareness of Aspens award winning 80% LTV product, but also due to the Spring Offer product card which was launched this year with rates of 0.59% – 0.69% pcm across all LTVs.

This has been well received and Aspen are pleased to announce that the feedback on this offering from customers and brokers alike has been such, that it has been determined to permanently adopt this rate card.

Jack Coombs, pictured, Director said:

“Brokers need lenders with the full package to secure deals. Getting competitive LTVs, rates and rapid service is the only option, so we at Aspen have decided to permanently adopt our lower rate Spring Offer.”

One of the key factors of behind Aspens recent growth however is the service provided.

As a result of the hands on approach of the team, including property visits and customer interviews by underwriters, the vast majority of Aspen loans are completed in days rather than the months, which is now often commonplace.

Ed Ahrens, MD, concluded:

“This is the main focus of Aspen as a lender – to offer the best service in the industry.”